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G-5 Public Affairs & Recruiting

Resources & Forms


    This area is for use by the Public Affairs & Recruiting Officer.  Included here are Resources available for the above Officer, including SEAR Review Forms, Meeting Notes Submission, Press Release Request, among other areas.

    Please ensure you are registered with the Webmaster prior to using this area.




Public Affairs & Recruiting General Guidelines - This document details out general information in regards to the Personnel & Administration Officer's Responsibilities within the Maryland Brigade.


S5 Public Affairs & Recruiting Bi-Weekly Report - This form is for use to initiate Bi-Weekly Reporting to the Brigade Commander.


Public Affairs & Recruiting Monthly Updates - This area should be used by the Personnel & Administration Officer, at least once a month, to insert Officer Notes and overall Personnel/Admin Activity within the Brigade.


Public Affairs & Recruiting Officer Forms - These forms are to be used for Official Business regarding the Public Affairs & Recruiting Office and its activities.


Officer Correspondence Forms - Correspondence Forms for general communications within the Board of Officers.


General Officer Forms - General Forms for Brigade Officers.  Forms include Officer Leave Request, Site Error Reporting, and other general communication forms.